3 Most Common Reasons for Cat Elimination Problems

According to this study of 100 cats with elimation issues there are 3 common threads as to why a cat may be not using the litter box.

Behavioral and environmental factors associated with elimination behavior problems in cats: a retrospective study

By Debra F. Horowitz

Feline inappropriate elimination is a widespread behavioral complaint of pet owners. This study looked at data collected on 100 housesoiling cats from the referral behavioral practice of the author. These cats were referred for depositing urine, stool, urine and stool or spraying in the home. The information was contrasted and compared to similar information collected on 44 cats that did not have a history of persistent housesoiling. Litter type, litter pan type, household disruption, number of cats in the home, history of urinary tract disorders and elimination of covering behaviors were evaluated for both groups. Chi-squared analyses revealed that scented litter type (P < 0.01), history of urinary tract disorders (P < 0.05), and covering behaviors (P < 0.01) differed significantly between housesoiling and non-housesoiling cats.


Feline Inappropriate Elimination

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