Articles On Why Your Cat Urinates Outside of The Litter Box

Removing cat urine smell from your carpet, wood floors and furniture can be tiresome and frustrating. Make sure that after you have removed the smell and stains that you go after the underlying cause: Your kitty using the bathroom outside of the litter box. 

These articles should help!


  • What Causes Cat Urine Odor and Cat Urinary Problems?
    Causes of cat urinary problems leading to elimination problems and nuisances.

  • Cat Litter Box Problems
    Causes of cat litter box problems and suggestions on how to fix your kitty's trouble with the litter box.

  • How To Stop Your Cat Spraying
    How to stop your cat from spraying and causes of cat spray behavior.

  • Feline Behavior Problems
    Feline behavior problems cause cats to urinate where they are not supposed to, leaving your house smelling of cat urine and causing a very embarrassing cat odor.

  • Tips On Maintaining Cat Health
    Tips on maintaining your cat's health.